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While casinos frequently use MoneyLineWallet as a deposit option, MoneyLineWallet Sportsbooks are slightly harder to find. Having scoured the Internet for these sportsbooks, our list of available betting sites using this deposit option has grown to include some of the best books online. In testing these sportsbooks, we have found that they offer enough betting options to provide amateur and professional bettors alike the ability to wager on sports. If making money is your thing, these sportsbooks are the route you will want to take. Coupled with the MoneyLineWallet deposit method, you do not have to worry about any of the financial transactions you will ultimately make into these sportsbooks.

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Opening a MoneyLineWallet Account

Before you go to use MoneyLineWallet, you will have to open an account. This is not as simple as some other deposit methods. Instead of signing up directly through the money line wallet website, you will have to visit the cashier of the sportsbook in question. The MoneyLineWallet option through the cashier will leave you with sign up link that brings you directly to MoneyLineWallet's sign up page. Upon doing so you will be able to enter all of your personal information, which will be cross checked against a database in order to verify your identity.

Loading Your MoneyLineWallet Account

MoneyLineWallet will essentially allow you to load an intermediary account with an electronic funds transfers. You will be able to move your money directly from your bank account and put it into your MoneyLineWallet account. This acts as a dual channel for your money. You will be able to deposit into the MoneyLineWallet account, send it into the sportsbook account, then reverse the process when you manage to win some wagers. This makes MoneyLineWallet sports betting sites some of the fastest available for all of your transactions. Try to use bitcoin sportsbooks if this is not the method for you.

5Dimes Sportsbook

MoneyLineWallet is one of the main deposit options through 5Dimes. Though they do not implicitly list this deposit option, it is available through their cashier as soon as you join up. MoneyLineWallet will allow you to transfer funds into your 5Dimes account beginning with a minimum deposit of $50 dollars. The transaction should post instantly, so you will not have to wait to start placing bets. 5Dimes offers betting lines on soccer, golf, tennis, motor racing, fighting, football, basketball, baseball, hockey and more. If bets, parlays, futures, totals, spreads, and the straight up win. 5Dimes is also home to a live dealer casino, which provides live camera feeds to actual dealers, rather than relying on a random number generator to power their casino. So, when you're ready for the best Money Line Wallet Sportsbooks, don't hessitate to try 5Dimes. Visit 5Dimes Sportsbooks

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